“Above the Earth”
Denis Shapovalov and “Metamorphic Rock Band”

A conceptual instrumental performance with video projection set to music from the similarly named album by Denis Shapovalov.

A rock band and a solo cello – acoustic or electric one – execute original musical compositions in different styles. Each piece of music tells its own story entwining with the others in one storyline like chapters of the same book.

In his project the author addresses philosophical issues of life and its reasons, pierces the mysteries of human existence. The main character of the story is a man with his feelings and emotions, disappointments and hopes. Energetic compositions involve the listener into powerful emotional sufferings. Meditative music with ambient coloring carries you away and gives a bird’s-eye view of life. Public opinion is unanimous that the concerts of the project evoke a vivid sensation of flying. Conceptual visuals add to the effect of the music and help to create an overall impression, allowing the audience to get absorbed in the drama and feel the whole range of emotions.

“Above the Earth” project differs from the numerous traditional crossovers (which are usually limited to pop orchestration of classical music or rock hits executed by classical musicians) by its original music. The author combines electric and acoustic instruments, uses computer samples and experiments with sound, mixing rock riffs with classical sounding.

At the premiere in Moscow International House of Music the journalists  had found features of symphonic and art rock in the music of the project and wrote afterwards that “the ingenuity of the composition prompts suggestions that a new music style is originating” ( web portal) and “there is every reason to believe that a brand new genre in music is born” (“Moskovskaya pravda” newspaper).

Shapovalov himself, being a fan of “Pink Floyd”, calls the style of his work “Metamorphic Rock” – a synthetic genre, a fusion of classical, jazz, rock, pop, avant-garde and psychedelic music. “Metamorphic Rock Band” is also the name of the band which takes part in the project.

“The show has a rare set of characteristics – bright, deep, interesting, and at the same time is very comfortable for different audiences’ perception.” “Moskovskaya pravda”  

“In Russia, we don’t have ensembles like Kronos-quartet, which confidently strides from classic to rock and back. Shapovalov ventured and succeeded.” “Vedomosti”

"Above the Earth" life video